Immanuel’s Wednesday night children’s ministry is designed for Preschool ages through Sixth Grade.


Preschool aged children will enjoy lessons utilizing flannelboards and small wooden figures from the Bible.  The lessons will center around Jesus and some of the most popular Bible stories.  They will enjoy cooperative play time and snacks.


Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten aged children will enjoy Word of Life (WOL) curriculum for their age group.   Word of Life’s Gopher Buddies program was created to help young children start to lay a foundation for the habit of spiritual growth. We know that at a young age, children are just starting to the understand the truth of the Gospel and of Jesus. Therefore, our early learner program is built around helping children learn God’s Word, fundamental truths of the Gospel and who God is. We teach life lessons that even a 4 year old can apply.


Our children’s ministry program for Grades 1 - 6, also called Olympians, is built around a profound theme found in the Bible; the Christian life as a race. Paul uses this illustration throughout Scripture telling his disciple Timothy to finish well in his walk with God. Our children’s ministry curriculum is built around this fundamental; helping children start the race well. To engage children, the program is built around an Olympic theme and children get bronze, silver, and gold stickers as they memorize verses, do ministry, and spend time in God’s Word each day.  Our weekly meetings consist of five fundamentals:  Biblical teaching, Daily Devotions, Scripture memory, small groups, and Christian Ministry.  Each of these ingredients are woven into the fabric of everything we do in our ministry program.  


We meet each week at 6:15 p.m. during the school year and 6:30 during summer, for a warm-up game.  This is also a time when the children can turn in their books and activities, say their scriptures that were memorized, or share with our coaches (adults) what ministry projects they’ve completed during the previous week.  We pledge to the US flag, Christian flag, Bible flag, and Church flag.  We share prayer requests and pray.  Sometimes we even squeeze in a silly song or two!  We then separate into our own age groups for our lessons. Our class meetings conclude by 7:30 p.m.