9:00 AM - Sunday School | All Ages (Multiple Locations)

10:00 AM - Worship Service* (Sanctuary)

6:00 PM - Worship Service* (Sanctuary)

6:00 PM - Children's Choir | PreK - 6th Grade (Children's Department)

*Childcare available for Babies - PreK



6:15 - Olympians | 1st-6th Grades & Gopher Buddies | PreK-K5 (Children's Department)

6:30 - Adult Prayer Meeting (Choir Room)

6:30 - Student Bible Study | 7th-12th Grades (Basement)


      Thank you for visiting our website! We at IBC are a Great Commission Church. Our focus is "knowing Christ and making Him known." Our goal is making disciples.

      The great need today is for people to know God. God created man to know and worship Him. The Good News is that you can know Him intimately through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have not yet made this most important decision, we personally invite you to contact us for more information. You can begin this quest by reading God's Word, beginning with the Gospel of John.

     If you are living in or visiting our area, and are looking for a church family where you can worship an awesome Savior and God, we cordially invite you to join us this Sunday!

   God bless!

    -Pastor Anthony Copeland